Woman Injured at Ryder Cup

Woman’s Eye Explodes After Getting Hit By Koepka’s Ball

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It’s certainly not a rare occurrence for a golf ball to strike a patron during a professional event. But it isn’t often that one of these fans suffers a major injury from the event.

Unfortunately, an injury was exactly what occurred at the Ryder Cup this past weekend.

After Brooks Koepka hit an errant drive that headed into the crowd, the ball ended up striking a woman in her eye. This ended up being incredibly serious for the woman as after receiving immediate medical attention and being sent to the hospital for scans, it was revealed that he had lost all sight in her right eye.


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Now partly blind in one eye, that wasn’t even the most gruesome part of the encounter. According to the medical reports, the woman was struck with such force that it fractured her socket and created an explosion of her eyeball. This is certainly not the experience that she paid for after traveling all the way from Egypt for the event.

Now the woman is considering legal action. It’s not clear who would be a target of any lawsuit, whether it be Koepka, the European Tour, the organizers of the event, the course, or all of them. One would believe that the blame is being laid at the feet of the organizers currently, as the woman stated that there was no warning from the officials as the ball traveled into the crowd.

This event has also sparked quite a bit of controversy when it comes to players yelling a warning when they hit an errant shot. Everyone does this when playing on a public course but a lot of professionals have not. Many fans and players have chimed in saying that it’s not hard for someone to hear “fore” from 300 yards away and that a signed glove or ball doesn’t really make a difference to people who are seriously injured.

Obviously, the United States did not have a great week in Paris and this event will certainly result in a review of the rules by the PGA TOUR. Hopefully, there can be some compromise for the safety of all patrons in the future so we can avoid these terrible incidents.

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Sad but when you are a patron of any event with flying projectiles, you know the risk and should stay aware of your surroundings.. you would think officials aware of an incoming projectile would yell a warning.