Hole in One with Putter

Angry Golfer Hits Hole-In-One With His Putter

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Anyone that has ever played the game of golf before knows that it can be quite frustrating and we all have our own unique responses to that frustration. One man’s response actually went a lot better than you’d expect.

Andrew Easdale, an older gentleman from across the pond that is currently undergoing cancer treatment, was not having his best day on the links. As he describes it, he hadn’t hit a decent drive or chip the entire day so he decided to throw in the towel and hit one off the tee with his putter. Well, motivated out of anger or not, he chose to do this on the right hole.

Easdale stepped up to a narrow par three that was no longer than 85 yards away. In his frustrating rage, Eadsdale took his putter and took a mighty swing. Fully expecting a terrible result off of this swing, Easdale was surprised by what happened next. Not only was it his first good shot of the day, but the ball also went in the hole for an ace!

Easdale described the shot afterward. “I hit it well and the ball looked as if it would end up on the green – which I was more than happy with. But the ball just kept rolling, and then it disappeared. I was initially puzzled, and even asked ‘where did it go?’, before the penny finally dropped. Total disbelief – holes-in-one are for good golfers, not me!”

Adding to the humor of the story, Easdale has the perfectly logical explanation for why he hit the shot. He says that in links golf it’s smart to hit the ball low when you’re so close to the green. Add to that the dry and fast-paced conditions of the course, the putter would have obviously been the best club to use off the tee. I don’t think anyone would buy that story but he can certainly try to peddle it.

I guess the main takeaway from this story is that anything can happen on the golf course no matter how frustrated you are. But despite Easdale’s luck, I wouldn’t suggest hitting your drives with a putter anytime soon.

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