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Tiger Woods Combining Science And Golf

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Now that he is officially back in the eyes of many golf fans, Tiger Woods can focus on some other important matters off the golf course. One of those is working with one of his mentee programs.

One of Tiger’s many ventures off the course is working with kids in his TGR Learning Lab. The program allows for young students to study what they are passionate in and learn about ways to apply science to their everyday lives. For Tiger, his everyday life involves a lot of golf and one of his mentees from the program is showing him how science can change the game.

We’ve seen a lot of new technology appear in equipment and in golf carts in recent years but this new robotics experiment by Tiger’s students really blows them out of the water. Taking this course this week with one of his mentees, Tiger and the student showed everyone how putting could become automatic using simple science.

The mentee’s passion is coding and he was able to code a program within a golf ball that allows it to be controlled. To explain what it does, Tiger and the student put on a little experiment putting balls from long distances and giving the robotic golf ball commands as it headed to the hole. The result was that basically, every single putt ended up going into the hole!

Tiger was certainly excited, hooting and hollering everytime the ball slid into the hole. Now this would obviously not be implemented in a real golf match because how is anyone supposed to compete with a ball that is guaranteed to drop in the cup? But the experiment itself is awesome and shows how much technology can enhance the most rudimentary of practices.

The way Tiger played this year, I don’t think he would necessarily need the help of a robot ball to sink big putts but he’s obviously proud of his pupils. Maybe this technology would be helpful in other aspects, like a self driving cart, but until then, we’ll enjoy the long putts sinking with the help of a computer.

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