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Monster Golf Course Alligator Celebrity “Chubbs” Is Back

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We talk a lot here about the animals that roam golf courses and how they can become a part of your day out on the course. But of all the wildlife that appears from time to time, none are more famous than the monster that showed up again on Tuesday.

Back in 2016, we were introduced to a huge alligator at the Buffalo Creek Golf Course when it was spotted taking a stroll around the greens and fairways. At the time, this Goliath gator was measured at about 15 feet and given the name of “Boss of the Moss.” This was the Boss’s 15 minutes of fame, however, as he wasn’t seen again, until now.

And not only has this big creature returned to the spotlight, but he also comes with a different name. There was an internet poll run to determine what the official name of the gator would be and the results dubbed the gator as Chubbs, named after the mentor to Adam Sandler’s “Happy Gilmore” who had his hand bitten off by a gator.

WATCH: Monster gator spotted again on Palmetto golf course

A monster alligator that is so big he shocks those who see him, has once again been spotted on a Palmetto golf course.

Seeing Chubbs return is a great sight, as he looks just as big, if not bigger than he did back when he made his first appearance. And just like 2016, Chubbs resurfaced to do the same thing he did before, take a nice sunny walk around the course. At this point, the course should just adopt him as a mascot/pet and let him roam freely as he doesn’t seem to want to bother any of the players.

The return of Chubbs brings a lot of excitement because there haven’t been many sightings of gators or reptiles at all on the course this year after there was a ton in 2017. Perhaps with the reemergence of this prehistoric monster is a sign that the gators are coming back out to play for the final months of the golf year.

What’s funny is (or not funny) is that golfers love to try to get up close and personal with such creatures.  Look at this guy this past week:

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But as for Chubbs, seeing it is almost like spotting a celebrity at this point and we have to remind golfers that going near any gator is a bad idea. They’re one of the strongest and most dangerous animals in the wild so if you encounter one, especially one the size of Chubbs, so don’t be like the guy above … and if you decide to go against our wishes, please proceed with caution (and video tape it).


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