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LeBron’s Son Shows Off Elite Golf Game

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There are many instances when we profile major athletes and their golf game but it’s not often that a superstar’s son shows a good game. That all changed when the King of the NBA’s son stepped up to the tee.

LeBron James is a household name around the country for his prolific play on the basketball hardwood and his activism in the community but he’s really not a big golf guy. That can’t be said for his son, Bronny, however. Bronny is already seen as one of the top basketball players coming up through high school but he’s flashing a strong golf game too.

Taking a break from his rigorous basketball training, Bronny posted a video of him on Instagram hitting a drive off a cliff into the ocean. Now, we know some basketball players can flash potential with a club, like Steph Curry, and there are those that can’t seem to find any form, like Charles Barkley. Bronny seems to be slotting in closer to Steph.

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How far, maybe 400 #happygilmore

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In the video, Bronny shows good form as he smacks the drive off of a tee. It goes a long way and Bronny claims that it went 400 yards in his Instagram caption. It might have gone that far when you factor in how high he is above where the ball eventually landed but I find it hard to believe that a teenager would hit a ball nearly that far on a real course.

The most impressive part of the whole thing may be that Bronny isn’t really dressed to golf. He’s wearing flip-flops as he pounds this drive for goodness sakes. But think about it this way, if he can hit a ball that well in flip-flops with little form, imagine what he could do with the right gear and training. Bronny may have to consider his choice of sport after that.

Unfortunately for golf fans, I think Bronny has his heart set on following his father’s footsteps in the NBA. But if that doesn’t pan out for whatever reason, I’m sure the golf community would take in the young buck as a fallback plan.

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