Sound Caddy Golf Speaker Review

Bring Music to the Golf Course with Sound Caddy

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Sound Caddy Golf Speaker Review

I’ll admit when first asked by a friend of mine if I would mind some music while we played, I shuddered a bit. And I love my music just as much as I love my golf.

But, the idea of Pearl Jam wailing behind me as I set-up for an approach shot didn’t seem to make sense. How was I supposed to relax and concentrate while Vedder was howling through a McCready solo? Not to mention, as it’s been drubbed into all of our heads throughout our lifetime, the game of golf is as much about etiquette as it is anything else. And music on the course is a big no-no.

Or at least it used to be a big no-no. For the times they are a-changin’.

Thanks in part to what I call the “TopGolf effect,” golf courses and its stodgy rules are getting a makeover, and that includes music on the course.

Now, I’m not talking going all Al Czervik out on the golf course.

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I’m talking about having a little background music while still respecting those that haven’t yet converted to tunes with tee shots.

And if you’re someone who will never convert, so be it. But if you’re like me and have come to enjoy a little four-chord noise during your round, have I got something for you!

It’s called the Sound Caddy and it’s kind of awesome.

Let’s start with the design of the speaker.

It’s built to look like an actual golf club. Which is cool on its own, but functionally speaking it makes it super-easy to transport. It just sits in your golf bag as if it really was an actual golf club. Plus, if you’re part of the push-cart mafia, it sits perfectly in your bag so you can hear and control your music easily.

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But what about the rest of us who prefer riding in a cart?

Sure, you can leave the club in the bag behind you, but the makers of the Sound Caddy came up with a better idea.

The “club head”, which is the actual speaker, can be quickly removed from the shaft and inserted into a tee holder on the dashboard of the golf cart. It’s brilliant.

So now you’ve got yourself a nice speaker right there in the front seat with you. And yes, you can use it to talk on the phone, too.

Sound Caddy Golf Speaker Review 2

The makers of the Sound Caddy also gave some thought specifically to range sessions. The grip of the shaft also unscrews, revealing a 12-inch spike that can be stuck into the ground. This holds the speaker and shaft in place right next to you while you work on your game and get loose before a round.

Lastly, this beautiful product has one more trick up its sleeve. It has two, 2.1 amp USB outputs that can charge you and your playing partner’s phones at the same time!

Did I mention this thing is kind of awesome?

Sound Caddy Golf Speaker Review 3

Yes, the Sound Caddy is a fun, it’s well thought out, and it gets lots of attention from other golfers. But how does it actually sound?

I will say it isn’t quite a Bose speaker. But, to be fair, it isn’t the size of a portable Bose speaker, either.

The speaker is built with dual, high-fidelity 30mm drivers and a high-efficiency passive woofer. In my opinion, it produces a great sound without any kind of distortion and it’s plenty of speaker for my purposes.

Sound Caddy Golf Speaker Review 5

I’m not looking to blow-out my ear drums while in the cart and I don’t need to hear music from across the fairway or while I’m on the green. Instead, I’m looking for a little background music while riding from tee box to fairway and fairway to green. I also don’t want to inadvertently disturb any other golfers on the course. So the fact that the speaker, at its very loudest, can only faintly be heard outside of the cart is a major plus for me.

Sound Caddy Golf Speaker Review 4

Overall, I can not recommend the Sound Caddy enough. It’s a really fun product that has been wonderfully designed by people who clearly play golf.


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