Buhl Park Golf Course is the Only Free Golf Course in America, Perhaps the World

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One of the biggest impediments for people that want to get into golf is that it costs a lot of money to play consistently. Well, that may not be the case for some Pennsylvania residents.

Green fees can become quite expensive for players, especially if you’re looking to play on a pristine course. But if you happen to live near Buhl Park Golf Course in Sharon, Pennsylvania, you can play that course without paying a dime for greens fees. That’s right, you can play a round on this nine-hole course free of charge.

The course was originally founded by millionaire Frank H. Buhl way back in the early 20th century. The course is relatively small and isn’t the prettiest in the world but is able to keep up its free function because it is funded by the Buhl Trust Fund and various donations. There is no clubhouse, no pro shop, and no refreshment stands for the course.

Since it is a free course, many have the idea that it’s pretty terribly maintained but the operators are looking to change that mindset. “There’s a bit of a misconception that when people hear it’s a free golf course, they think it looks like a cow pasture. It is not a cow pasture,” said Riley Atterholt, the director of Sports and Recreation at Buhl Farm Park. “We try to keep in it the best shape we can.”

According to the people that operate the little course, there are about 30 regulars that play there almost every day. There’s no need for any tee times and the only requirement is that you sign in once you arrive. The course is open from mid-April to November, 8 a.m. to sunset and operates on a simple first come, first serve basis.

There is data that confirms that this is the only free golf course in America and some suggest it’s the only free course in the world. So while it may not be Augusta National, this seems like a really cool spot to just play the game and get back to your humble roots.

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