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Hurricane Florence Threatening Carolina Golf Scene

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We all know the effect that mother nature can have on golf, with rain, snow, and winds having a major impact on the level of play. But what’s about to hit the Carolinas this week is much more devastating than your typical sputter of rain.

Hurricane Florence has its sights set on the North and South Carolina coast and is primed to cause significant damage. Dubbed as a storm of the century for the last few days, Florence has been downgraded from a category 4 to a category 2 hurricane in recent days. Regardless, the storm still threatens the lives of many in the area and their livelihood, especially those in the booming golf industry.

The Myrtle Beach area itself has about 80 golf courses and has even been nicknamed the golf capitol of the U.S. Florence is expected to have a significant effect on these courses, as well as 200 other courses that are situated on the Atlantic coast in the two states. That’s without taking into account the 900 courses stretched throughout the inner parts of the states that are still expected to get hit.

General view of Belle Terre Golf Course taken during a photocall held…

General view of Belle Terre Golf Course taken during a photocall held in Myrtle Beach, USA. Get premium, high resolution news photos at Getty Images

According to Tim Kreger, the executive director of the Carolinas Golf Course Superintendents Association, there are many factors to be worried about. “You’ve got your three factors. You’ve got the storm surge at high tide, so the water can’t go anywhere. So there will be the silt and all the other nastiness that comes from these moving bodies of water onto the facilities. Then you’ve also got the salinity, so you’ve got those two challenges before we’ve even talked about all the downed trees.”

Many courses have already started to take precautions. Residents are required to evacuate the area by the end of the day so there won’t be anything to stop the damage after that. Many courses have moved their carts into safe locations and sprayed their course with fungicides. Even after Florence passes, it could be several days until any club officials will be able to check their courses so this early treatment will hopefully limit any erosion and infestations.

Florence is expected to hit the coast later Thursday evening and we send our thoughts and prayers to anyone that will be caught in its path. Hopefully, all damage will be minimal and all residents will be able to return as soon as possible.

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