Callaway Epic vs Rogue Showdown – Which is Better for Your Game?

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About a year ago Callaway released the Epic driver and the Jailbreak and other technology it featured was met with plenty of well-deserved success.  But, just when it seemed that the Epic was on top of the driver-crazed world, Callaway comes along and drops the Rogue on us.

We’ve all become accustomed to club manufacturers coming out with new models seemingly every six months, and each time we’re trained to think that the “latest and greatest” blows away any of it’s predecessors.  If anything the one benefit we see from these rapid-fire releases is that often we can save a few bucks by buying a driver that’s a model year (or half year) older.

However, in this case, Callaway has kept the price of the Epic more or less the same, and is running it side-by-side with the Rogue rather than replacing it.  So I, like so many of you, was left wondering, is the newer Rogue a better club with improved technology over the Epic or not?  And if I’m in the market for a driver, do I go with the “older” Epic or reach for the Rogue at essentially the same price point?

With that said, recently Mike and I headed back over to Club Champion in Hackensack, NJ to visit Jon and the team of professional club fitters to help uncover a few answers to our questions.  Here was the result:

For those of you who like to dive deeper into the numbers, here are the Trackman statistics for both mine and Mike’s swings.

My Trackman Numbers


Mike’s Trackman Numbers


Let me know what you think about the great Callaway Epic vs Rogue debate by posting your own comments below.

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