JCR, Inc. Designs Bags With the Golfer in Mind

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There are plenty of companies that manufacture golf bags, but there are not that many golf bag manufacturing companies.

The difference being companies that manufacture golf bags tend to do other things as well, while golf bag manufacturing companies wholly focus on golf bags and nothing else.

JCR, Inc. falls into that latter category, putting all of its collective energy and thought into designing and manufacturing bags.

And it absolutely shows.


Beginning with the quality of the bags, the skins of the bags are water resistant, with clean lines, easy zippers, and an uninterrupted design. No big billboard logo of the company on the side or anything like that. When you buy a JCR bag, it’s your’s. And you aren’t agreeing to be a walking advertisement for them. Instead, they’re happy to embroider a logo or name on the bag for you.

JCR has clearly put a lot of thought into the design and playability of the bags, as well. The bag is equipped with nine pockets, including two insulated beverage pockets and a velour-lined valuables pouch. But within the pockets is where JCR bags differentiate themselves from the others.

For example, in the front pocket traditionally designed to hold every golf ball you own, there is also a neoprene sleeve that can hold three balls on its own. If you wanted, you could actually remove the pocket entirely for easier access to the sleeve of balls. The same can be done with the side pockets since each of one of those also has additional pockets and sleeves built into the main pockets.

That being said, if you leave everything in place as is, the real value in all of those pockets is it keeps everything in place rather than just falling into the bottom of the pockets in a messy heap. That also includes a perfectly placed clip inside one of the pockets to hold your keys.


Along with all of the pockets, and pockets within pockets, there are dedicated sleeves for a marker, a divot tool, a scorecard, and a towel loop. Oh, and a nifty little smart phone pocket with a clear window that actually allows you to control your phone via the touchscreen.

Finally, at six pounds and equipped with a four-point dual strap and padded center hub, the bag is easy and comfortable to carry. Which, ultimately, for the course walkers out there, is what really makes a golf bag.

And if walking the course isn’t your thing and prefer a cart bag, JCR, Inc. has those too with all of the same bells and whistles.


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