Clearing Your Hips for a More Consistent and Powerful Golf Swing

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The quest for most power is nearly universal in the game of golf. From beginners on up to professionals, nearly everyone would like to hit the ball farther.

When you hit longer shots, you are able to use shorter clubs, and hopefully set yourself up for lower scores.

It doesn’t always work out that way, but the vision in most golfer’s heads is that longer shots are going to mean better scores when all is said and done.

In an effort to hit the ball farther, golfers have tried just about everything. Some simply swing harder, while others try to make a longer backswing with a big shoulder turn.

Unfortunately, many golfers never manage to look to one area which could actually help them generate more speed – the hips.

If you can clear your hips through the ball properly swing after swing, you may be able to produce more speed than ever before – and you may make your swing more consistent in the process.

Setting the Stage

While the act of clearing your hips is something that is going to take place during the downswing, you need to prepare yourself for that moment by getting through the backswing properly.

For starters, you need to stay down in your posture throughout the backswing, maintaining knee flex all the way up to the top of the swing.

Plenty of golfers stand up out of their posture as the backswing develops, which is a big mistake. Stay down, maintain knee flex, and make sure your lower body is engaged for an aggressive downswing.

In addition to keeping your knees flexed, you also want to focus on making a nice shoulder turn away from the target. You don’t need to turn your shoulders as far as the top pros, but make sure you are living up to your ability in this area.

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Cutting your turn short is going to make it hard for your hips to find the time they need to clear on the way down. The combination of a quality shoulder turn and stable knee flex is going to set the stage nicely for the downswing move.

Letting Your Hips Lead the Way

Plenty of golfers understand that they should be turning their hips toward the target during the downswing. However, some golfers seem to think that the entire body should turn through the shot together, which is not the case.

Rather, you should be allowing your hips to lead the way while the upper body hangs back and waits for its turn.

This is one of the most important fundamental elements of the golf swing. The separation between your hips clearing through the ball and your upper body hanging back is largely responsible for the power you can produce.

To allow your hips to lead the way in the downswing, they need to be the first thing to go when the backswing is finished. As the club is arriving at the top of the backswing, the process of turning your hips toward the target should begin.

It is absolutely imperative that you don’t force your hands and the rest of your upper body to go along for the ride at this point. There should be separation, so you need to allow that separation to occur.

As long as you let your hips get out in front, your upper body – and the club – will have no choice but to turn toward the target at some point, thanks to the momentum that has been created by your lower body.

A Matter of Confidence

So much of what you are able to accomplish on the golf course comes down to confidence.

Do you have the confidence necessary to trust yourself in the big moments during your round? Many golfers come up short in this area, and they are unable to produce the kinds of shots on the course that they can hit in practice.

Confidence is a huge point of emphasis when it comes to clearing the hips. At the top of the swing, you are going to have a choice to make – you can either clear your hips aggressively and swing through toward the target, or you can meekly force the club down to the ball with your hands.

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Many golfers end up in the second category simply because they don’t have the confidence to go for it with their hip turn.

Don’t be afraid of negative outcomes. Teach yourself during practice to trust your technique and then do your best to let it go on the course. The more you are willing to turn through the ball with total belief, the more improvement you will be able to enjoy.

Aggressive, But Not Rushed

The last point we want to make regarding hip turn relates to the value of taking your time. It’s easy to think that this should be an aggressive action from start to finish, but that really isn’t the case.

Instead, it’s only important that your hips turn quickly and aggressively through the ball – you can take your time during other parts of the swing.

Allow the swing to develop at a comfortable pace and make sure you have enough time to finish all of your moves. It’s common for amateur golfers to rush, and it’s never easy to extract positive results out of a rushed swing.

If you aren’t currently using your hips effectively in the golf swing, this article should cause you to feel more excited than anything else. By improving the way you clear your hips, you stand to dramatically improve your play.

You should be able to create more speed, which is going to directly translate into longer shots. Also, you should find that your swing is more consistent when you use your hips properly through the hitting area.

There is some work to be done here before you’ll see results, but be patient with yourself and look forward to unleashing some powerful drives in an upcoming round.


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