Golf Podcast 249: Clearing Your Hips Through the Ball for Better Ball Striking

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Make no mistake, the real speed of a proper golf swing is generated by a making a good hip turn more than anything else. By correctly rotating or “clearing” your hips you allow your upper body to deliver the club to the ball with speed, consistency, and power. In this episode of The Golf Podcast, hosts Frank and Mike chat …


Clearing Your Hips for a More Consistent and Powerful Golf Swing

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The quest for most power is nearly universal in the game of golf. From beginners on up to professionals, nearly everyone would like to hit the ball farther. When you hit longer shots, you are able to use shorter clubs, and hopefully set yourself up for lower scores. It doesn’t always work out that way, but the vision in most …


Fitness Friday – Exercises to Improve Hip Rotation

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Fitness Friday is back this week (just one day late) with Kirk Adams, Director of Fitness at Golf & Body NYC. This time Krik shows us how to hip rotation so you can make a better turn through your golf swing. For more here’s Kirk’s detailed explanation from The Golf Podcast Facebook Group. This week I’m answering one of the …


Fitness Friday – 5 Exercises to Improve Thoracic Spine Rotation

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Every Friday Kirk Adams, Director of Fitness at Golf & Body NYC, answers your golf fitness questions in our Golf Podcast Facebook Group. This week Kirk is back with his five favorite exercises to improve rotation of your thoracic spine and segmentation of your spine. For more, here’s Kirk’s detailed breakdown of this week’s fitness routine from the Facebook group: …

Staying in Golf Shape at Your Desk

Staying in “Golf Shape” at Your Desk

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Like a New Year’s Resolution, I’m sure most of us have made a conscious effort to get in better “golf shape” during the off-season. Whether that means hitting the weight room, torturing yourself on a treadmill, sneaking in some stretching/yoga/mobility work, or just practicing your chipping and putting on the living room carpet, it’s important that you remain committed to …

How to Improve Your Rotation for a Faster and More Powerful Golf Swing

How to Improve Your Rotation for a Faster and More Powerful Golf Swing

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It would be a mistake to say that the golf swing is ‘all about rotation.’ After all, there are countless different elements which go into a quality swing. You need to have balance, you need to have a good tempo, and you need to lag the club nicely – just to name a few key points.   However, rotation is extremely …