Golf Podcast 249: Clearing Your Hips Through the Ball for Better Ball Striking

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Make no mistake, the real speed of a proper golf swing is generated by a making a good hip turn more than anything else. By correctly rotating or “clearing” your hips you allow your upper body to deliver the club to the ball with speed, consistency, and power.

In this episode of The Golf Podcast, hosts Frank and Mike chat about their experiences learning things like proper swing sequencing and hip turn in an effort to produce a more efficient golf swing. We’ll tell you how to set the stage for a good turn, how to let your hips lead the way through the downswing, and why it’s so important to commit to the turn with confidence.

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In This Show You Will Learn:

  • Why you need to keep your knees bent and lower body engaged in order to make a good turn on the ball.
  • How to make sure your swing remains aggressive without being rushed.
  • Why upper and lower body separation are so key to making a powerful golf swing.
  • Plus much more.

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