Duffs to Darts on a Dime – Month Two Check In

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Two months of consistent and daily practice has come to a close. 

Unlike the first month, I did not spend a ton of money (just $25 for a simulator round). The big chunk of money for this project was spent in that first month as I prepared myself for this quest of going from a 20 to a 10 handicap in just ten months. Because I spent month one getting aligned with my equipment so I can better attack my goal, month two was more focused on practice and the mental game.

I set a goal for myself to log a simulator round and log some range time outside. Because I am in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago I have to battle the weather every day.

Winter got started a little late this year but it decided to come in strong in late February and early March. Between bone breaking cold and snow I was only able to hit one of my two goals for month two. I logged that simulator round early.

That round wasn’t the best indicator on how things are gong because the place I went to wasn’t the best simulator place around but I did get to work on my game for few hours. The bays didn’t pick up side spin at all so trying to work on a draw was pointless. Once I realized that I just smashed driver into the screen because no matter what, it was going straight.

After playing a round of golf in 45 minutes I worked on my new 3 hybrid and worked hard on my short game. This place may not have had the best simulators on the market but they did have a decent short game area.

Did a little bit of putting and then some chipping.  Putting wasn’t up to par (pun intended). To be honest I missed a few short ones that I usually make. After all that PuttOUT work, I was pretty disappointing. My chipping however has vastly improved. I was consistently putting the ball inside a 2-3 foot circle, regardless of my target hole. 

This will be a big help once the season officially gets underway. I even chipped a few in from around 15-20 feet.


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Besides more indoor practice I was lucky enough to take in two online seminars from Kiel Aldernick.  After hearing him on the podcast I connected with him on twitter and found out he offers some great online lessons for anyone interested in bettering their game from home.

The highlight of the month was meeting a PGA Master teaching professional with Kris McEwen but there will be more to come on that later. How’s that for a teaser?

Month Three Plans

As I go into month three with #duffstodarts I plan on getting outside for the first time all year. The cold, dead, depressing winter air should be leaving the Midwest as we approach the sweet embrace of spring. 

To get better fit and gain more flexibility I have started a Whole 30 cleanse as of March 1st.

I technically broke my cleanse on the 8th when we celebrated my nieces’ 18th birthday. This meal was planned in advance of my “diet” so I rationalized breaking it for one meal. I had steamed rice, not fried and just drank water. 

This cleanse should help me lose a few extra pounds from my winter weight, reduce some inflammation in my joints and most of all give me more energy to pursue a better golf game. 

I have some drills I want to work on but I cant do that without going to the range. The weather will need to be on my side for that. The goals for month are the following;

  1. Log 3 outdoor range sessions.
  2. Continue and complete my whole 3o (yes I technically broke it but I’m not starting over).
  3. Play 9 holes if the weather allows me too.

I approach the next month with optimism and anticipation as I am close to getting to put this plan into action on the course.

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