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SERIES: Duffs to Darts: My One Month Check-in

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So, I’m one month in already. After officially announcing the project in early January I have spent the last month building the foundation for my year. I started the weekly vlog that drops every Wednesday night around 8pm CST.

The whole purpose of this vlog is to act like a weekly therapist session. It’s an appointment I have with my self (and whoever watches) to review what I did in the last week to get better. It was a little weird at first talking to myself but I’m getting used to it.

The sexy big building block for month one has been getting fitted and making the purchase of my new clubs. I had felt that I had outgrown my last set. Not so much because of their age, but the style. They are game improvement irons and they don’t allow me to work the ball left or right.

I spent a lot of time last year learning to hit a draw ( it’s easier than hitting it straight in my opinion) and they just don’t allow me to do that. I upgraded my entire bag, including a 3 hybrid which I’ve never had but I expect it to be very useful and a new 3 wood. Similar story with the 3 wood. It wasn’t fitted to me, it was old and it was just holding me back from getting better.

Money Spent 

This first month of purchases will be the most expensive part of Duffs to Darts. Getting new clubs costs money but I didn’t spend a fortune. I went with the Sub 70 699’s, Sub 70 3 hybrid and 3 wood. I also went to a golf dome with a #golficityarmy member Ben after I got the sticks and some minor purchases. Here is the breakdown.

  • New clubs – $1,000*
  • Mistwood Golf Dome – $17.50
  • New Driver grip – $10.50
  • Alignment sticks – $8.00
  • Total golf expenses $1,036

Practice Man, We Talking About Practice! 

With the vlog and new clubs foundation set I’ve spent the remainder of my free time finding ways to practice every night. I’ve done no less than 15 minutes every single night for the last month with missing only 1 night of the my (Hank Haneys) 100 swings a day (Weird flex but okay). In one month I’ve found a solid tempo that allows me to really get a feel for the club and most importantly, hold my balance through finish.  I have maximized my PuttOut to fullest as well. Besides the traditional drills I used my condo’s hallway as my own personal lag putt practice area. Nobody uses this hallway so I’m not a pest and with my golf scope app I even know the stimp ( it’s a 12. USGA carpet). I’m still trying to find a routine. It’s  still in the works as I figure this out as I go.

Month Two: Next Step 

I’ve got the foundation and now it’s time to build on it. Here in the northwest suburbs of Chicago it’s been colder than Antarctica ( no seriously, it was for a few days) it keeps snowing and spring can’t get here soon enough. I live about 20 minutes from where they filmed groundhogs day and allegedly that SOB Punxsutawney Phil said spring is coming. I can’t wait that long so I hope to get at least one simulator session in and 1 range sessions in. You can follow along by searching ed_ditusa on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Until next time, keep grinding because you know I will.



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