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X-FACTOR Swing: New Study About Golf and Back Pain

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Injuries from golf?  You better believe it.  A new study has come out to tell you that your golf swing may be causing some medical concerns.  We kind of knew this already, but let’s dive into it a bit more.

Many players suffer from medical concerns on the course which sometimes shuts down their careers for months, years, sometimes they even all together.  Look at the obvious example: Tiger Woods.  For example, as many thought that his best days were far behind him after multiple back and wrist injuries that had plagued him the last few years.

Speaking of back problems, however, this is what a new study says is caused by players’ swings. Specifically, the study says that the new “X-Factor” swing that is popular with the younger players on the PGA TOUR causes these players to become more susceptible to back injuries, especially at younger ages. The study says that swinging like old pros is safer than the current swing that creates more torque and power.

Rocco Mediate lying on his back while sustaining back injury on No….

Rocco Mediate lying on his back while sustaining back injury on No. 10 during Thursday play at Royal Birkdale GC. Southport, England 7/17/2008 Get premium, high resolution news photos at Getty Images

The problem seems to be that this new swing creates more stress on the spine, as Dr. Corey T. Walker explained. “RTD results from years of degenerative ‘hits’ or strains on the spine resulting in early-onset breakdown, instability, and pain. We hope medical practitioners, and surgeons in particular, will be able to diagnose and treat golfers with RTD in a specialized fashion going forward.”

While this report is certainly alarming for players on the PGA TOUR and amateur golfers alike, it certainly doesn’t mean that anyone who employs the “X Factor” swing is destined for a back injury. The same medical experts suggest that players stretch out and strengthen their core muscles to improve flexibility and eliminate any extra stress on the spine.

The PGA TOUR is starting to turn into a contest of who can hit the ball the farthest so I don’t think this type of swing will go away anytime soon. Hopefully, players will take the advice of the medical community and we will see less of these injuries in the near and far future.

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