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In vs. Off-Season Golf Training and Periodization

Eric Benzenberg Golf Instruction, Training & Fitness Comments

Note: This is a fitness article.  Before working out, assess your physical fitness, consult a doctor, strength coach and/or golf instructor, and do not continue working out if you experience any pain. Now that the off-season has arrived here in the Northeast, I thought this would be a timely post since this is probably the first off-season that I’ll be …


Use This Momentum-Building Exercise to Improve Your Ball Striking

James Potter Golf Instruction, Training & Fitness Comments

Professional golfers all have something in common other than being very good at the game of golf; they routinely perform various golf-related exercises at the gym. Similar to using a weighted club, fitness equipment can also be utilized to develop a stronger, more “momentous” golf swing. This is beneficial in not only generating more backspin but also in shaping a …


Swimming Pool Practice Can Be Magic for Your Golf Game

James Potter Golf Instruction, Training & Fitness Comments

Believe it or not, practicing your golf swing in a swimming pool—along with other pertinent exercises—is one of the best things you can do for your golf game, flexibility and healthy life in general. I naturally developed a medium-height, medium-strength fade with my left-handed swing.  It was always hard for me to understand why I would maintain this ball flight …

Does Your Golf Game Need a Band-Aid or First Aid

Does Your Golf Game Need a Band-Aid or First Aid?

Mike Dowd Golf Instruction, Training & Fitness Comments

Taking a golf lesson should be a fun, painless, and rewarding experience.  That being said, unfortunately (outside of beginning golfers), only about 10% of active golfers seek out instruction.  Some of this could be due to the fact that when we receive advice the region of the brain that lights up is actually the same one associated with pain.  This …