Fitness Friday – 5 Exercises for Better Upper and Lower Body Separation

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Every golfer knows that separating the upper and lower body is the key to a powerful golf swing. Upper and lower body separation is basically your ability to create a difference between the amount of upper body and lower body rotation you have in your back swing and down swing. A greater ability to create this separation can improve the …


Fitness Friday – 4 Excellent Core Exercises for Golfers

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In this new golf fitness segment, Kirk Adams, Director of Fitness at Golf & Body NYC, takes your questions from The Golf Podcast Facebook Group, and answers them with specific exercises you can use to improve your golf game. This week Kirk shows us four core exercises to help you build a stronger core that will allow you to better …

Staying in Golf Shape at Your Desk

Staying in “Golf Shape” at Your Desk

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Like a New Year’s Resolution, I’m sure most of us have made a conscious effort to get in better “golf shape” during the off-season. Whether that means hitting the weight room, torturing yourself on a treadmill, sneaking in some stretching/yoga/mobility work, or just practicing your chipping and putting on the living room carpet, it’s important that you remain committed to …

Enhance Your Golf Swing with Crossover Symmetry

Enhance Your Shoulders & Swing with Crossover Symmetry

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While playing high school and college baseball, I remember my coaches treating overhead shoulder exercises like the black plague. Everyone lived in a constant state of fear that at any moment an overhead dumbbell press, either because of too much weight or poor form, could ruin your shoulder and sideline you for the season.  And while I no longer play baseball, …

TPI Screen

Why All Golfers Need to Complete a TPI Screen

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“Swing your Swing.” No better words than these from Arnold Palmer capture the current state of swings on the PGA TOUR. From Justin Thomas to Dustin Johnson, players of all shapes and sizes are swinging across an inordinate amount of planes and angles. These unique swings truly show no one “perfect swing” exists and customizing your swing to your body’s …

Golf Injury Prevention

Injury Prevention & Learning from Other People’s Mistakes

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Given that we’re in the middle of the off-season here in the Northeast, Golficity has emphasized the importance of fitness on The Golf Podcast (see, e.g., Episode 195 with Frank Duffy, Episode 183 on Core Strength, and Episode 181 on Flexibiliy), Vlog Episodes (the Future of Golf Fitness with Ben Shear), and recent posts (TPI certified fitness instrutor John Paul Guidry’s Fitness …