Fitness Friday – Generating a More Powerful Swing through Fitness

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This week Kirk Adams of Golf & Body NYC is continuing his series on the different components for golf fitness with a discussion on generating a more powerful golf swing and how it relates to golf fitness.

For more, here’s Kirk’s detailed explanation of this week’s fitness routine from the Facebook group:

This week, I’m finishing up my series on different components for golf fitness and talking about power. Generating more club head speed and hitting the ball farther not only makes this game easier, but it also makes it more fun.

If you want to hit the ball farther, and who doesn’t, be able to play back a tee and lower your handicap, find out, using the assessment in the video, if your power is on par with the average PGA TOUR player. If not, start prioritizing power exercises, like medicine ball throws and plyometrics, in your workout program.


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