Golf MTRx Zeroline Golf Swing App Review

Golf MTRx App Review

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Golf MTRx Zeroline Golf Swing App

Call us perfectionists, but if you’re anything like us, when it comes to golf swing data you never can quite get enough.  The good news is that for any of you swing data fiends out there, the Golf MTRx iOS app by Zeroline Golf delivers big time.

Pronounced “Metrix” the MTRx app squeezes every last drop of hardware capability out of those technological wonders we call iPhones, to capture and analyze every aspect of your swing.

Using the app couldn’t be easier.  You simply tell the program to begin recording, then you tuck it in your pants (no we’re not kidding) and swing away.  The MTRx app will continue to record swing after swing until you indicate that you’re finished.  When your session is complete, the app will then ask you to rate your ball contact for each swing (used as a reference point later when analyzing the captured data).

Download the Golf MTRx AppJust a few of the swing statistics tracked (in detail we might add) by the MTRx app are:

  • Tempo
  • Hip Rotation in Degrees (measured at backswing, at impact, and at finish)
  • Acceleration (how fast hips reached peak speed)
  • Deceleration (how fast hips slowed from peak speed)
  • Point of Impact
  • Peak Time
  • Ideal Peak Time to Impact

What we liked most about the app was even with all this complicated data, the app itself couldn’t have been easier to use.  When you fire the program up you’ll see an easy instruction link that will walk you through the process and get you recording swings within minutes.  Additionally, the app provides a detailed guide telling you “what the numbers mean” which even provides baseline ranges where you should aim to fall.

Perhaps our favorite aspect of this app is that for less than 30 bucks you can have access to the high level swing statistics that previously were only available to professionals or golfers with exceedingly deep wallets.

You can download the Golf MTRx App directly from the iTunes App Store and the best part is that no additional equipment is needed to use it (no club adapters or fancy holders to purchase).  Simply download the app to your iPhone and you’re in business.

Next time you hitting the range make sure you bring MTRx with you.  We guarantee you’ll get a lot more out of your practice session than you ever imagined and you’ll feel like a PGA TOUR pro walking out of there with a mountain of swing data.

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