Golf Podcast 235: 6 Ways to Gain More Distance Off the Tee

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We all want a few more yards out of our drives and sometimes just one or two little changes or adjustments are all we need.

This week on The Golf Podcast hosts Frank and Mike talk about six things you can try to improve your distance off the tee. The best part is that none of these suggestions are all that complex, and most can be applied to your golf swing almost immediatly.

Also, a big hat-tip to Eric Payton whose recent article inspired this week’s podcast topic and conversation.

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In This Show You Will Learn:

  • How to identify parts of your swing and setup that might be holding your distance back.
  • Why sometimes swinging slower can result in the ball travelling further.
  • How to adjust your grip and attack angle to squeeze some extra distance out of your drives.
  • Plus much more.

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