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Iconic Golf Writer Dan Jenkins Passes Away at 89

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We all are students in the world of golf, always learning about how the game is played and viewed through the scope of those who are around the sport every day. And one of the most powerful of those who shared the game with us has passed away.

Dan Jenkins spent almost his entire life covering golf. Originally hired as a beat writer by the Fort Worth Press in 1948 while he was in high school, Jenkins had been delivering golf news and perspectives for well over 50 years. Throughout his life, Jenkins covered an astounding 230 major championships on top of the other tournaments that the PGA TOUR puts on during their season.

If you’re wondering how much time that Jenkins actually spent covering golf, you don’t have to do the math because Jenkins has done it for you. According to his calculations that he posted on Twitter, he spent about 5-6 years of his life covering majors, plus another 5-6 covering other tournaments. And he said he would’ve paid to do that because he loved it so much.


In those several years of his life that he spent covering golf, Jenkins witnessed some of the greatest moments in golf history. He was there for Ben Hogan’s 1951 U.S. Open victory. He was there for Arnold Palmer’s final round collapse that allowed Gary Player to win the 1961 Masters. The man was a living look into the shaping of golf as a major professional sport.

Throughout his life, Jenkins wrote about golf for almost every major publication. After the Fort Worth Press, Jenkins moved on to work for Sports Illustrated and Golf Digest. And Jenkins wasn’t only a writer, he was a great player as well. In 1955, Jenkins finished runner up in the Fort Worth City Championship, an honor that was also accomplished by Hogan and Byron Nelson.

Jenkins earned a well-deserved induction into the World Golf Hall of Fame in 2012, which was likely one of his greatest accomplishments in his 89 years of life. It’s incredibly sad to see such a legend leave us but Dan Jenkins’ legacy will forever live on in the minds and hearts of golf fans everywhere.

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