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Jason Bohn Returns to Honda Classic after Heart Attack

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For many, the Honda Classic is just another opportunity to play a good round of golf and notch a victory to move up in the PGA standings.  For Jason Bohn, however, returning to the Honda Classic has much more meaning.

In this very same tournament last year, Bohn was rolling along after making the cut and was well on his way to qualifying for the WGC-Match Play Championship.  During his round, however, Bohn felt shortness of breath and his chest tightened up.  Bohn thought it was just fatigue but after paramedics arrived, he was told that he had suffered a minor heart attack.

After being taken to the hospital, Bohn underwent many tests with nothing looking out of the ordinary.  One of the final tests Bohn underwent, however, revealed that there was a 99 percent blockage of the left anterior descending artery, better known as the “widow maker.”


Bohn was extremely lucky in his case and he does not take his experience lightly.  While he understands that this was a serious threat to his life, Bohn still tries to stay positive.  Recollecting his tournament, Bohn stated that “I’m going to embrace the challenge, to realize a year ago I was pretty close to not making it out of the Bear Trap.”

Bohn certainly did embrace the challenge of getting back onto the course.  After suffering his heart attack, it would typically take eight weeks to recover, with two to three physical workouts a week.  But Bohn worked hard in his recovery and was able to return to golf after only six weeks.


It is great to see Bohn back at the Honda Classic this year and hopefully, he will be able to finish what he started, having a strong tournament at the PGA National Golf Club.

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