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Technology has become a part of normal, everyday life. Indeed, portable technology that allows us to be more efficient has shown to be most valuable. And golf is no exception.

And after having the experience to do a swing evaluation, it’s no secret why K-Motion will be an invaluable tool for any golfer who’s looking to develop their skill and improve their swing with the utmost efficiency and precision:


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A couple weeks ago I was offered the opportunity to meet with Jim Beadle, a 3D Performance Consultant for K-Motion, and go through a swing evaluation. To start, Jim had me put on the complete K-Coach system, which consists of (1) an upper body sensor (think backpack straps with a small, iPhone sized sensor positioned in between your shoulder blades), (2) a pelvis sensor (housed in a belt), (3) an upper arm sensor (that’s placed around your lead arm bicep), and (4) a glove/lead hand sensor. 

Before anyone asks, I found none of these sensors intrusive and was able to swing at full speed entirely unhindered (which is very important to make sure the data we’d be collecting was accurate).

After getting suited up, the sensors were paired to the K-COACH Software via Bluetooth, calibrated to ensure data accuracy, and then the swing evaluation began. 

A swing evaluation consists of 5 swings with a mid-iron (e.g., a 6-iron) and 5 swings with a driver. Entirely unbeknownst to me, the K-COACH Software was instantaneously processing through all of the information received from the sensors and starting to analyze every aspect of my swing, including my body positions at address, the top of my backswing, and impact, body sequencing, speed creation, swing tempo, and wrist angles.


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After finishing all my swings, Jim brought me over to his tablet that the K-COACH Software was being run on and was able to immediately walk me through every facet of my swing and highlight my strengths and weaknesses, which were compared against other golfers in my age bracket and professionals. 

In fact, the K-COACH made reviewing my swing with Jim and digesting my strengths and weaknesses super easy because of how all of the information was displayed:


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As seen above, the K-COACH Software processes all of the information collected by the sensors and converts it into intuitive graphics and charts that every golfer can understand (which helps makes sure that nothing gets lost in translation when your coach is discussing everything with you).

But this isn’t even scratching the surface with how helpful the K-Vest can be to improving your swing. 

Although it’s great to know what you’re not doing right (or as well you could be doing), it’s a whole different thing to train a movement pattern that will help improve your swing. And, until recently, you’d have to rely on your coach explaining it to you in a way you also understood what you’re looking to accomplish.  Fortunately, with K-Motion, that’s now a thing of the past.

That’s because, after your coach reviews with you the results from your evaluation, you can use K-Coach to select certain bio-feedback drills (with defined parameters) that will help ingrain the new movement pattern.


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To clarify, my biggest flaw was that I get too flat in my backswing (i.e., my shoulders are on the same plane) when, ideally, there should be some shoulder tilt that would cause my left shoulder to be lower than my right should when I reach the top of my backswing. While the amount of tilt depends on the club, flat isn’t good with any club. 

Jim hit a few links, found a drill that would help, and recommended that I practice the movement without a club first. Exactly like in the video above, the K-Vest beeped and alerted me when I achieved the optimal body position. Additionally, the K-Coach software displays a live animation of my body, so I was also able to visually see how close I was to that optimal position.


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After repeating this a few times, I decided to take some slow swings, and continued to work on finding that optimal position. After maybe 10 minutes, Jim showed me that I was significantly closer to where I needed to be then when I first walked in.

This was invaluable. 

While coaches can tell you to get in this position and it should feel like that, I’ve never been able to really “feel” it for myself because, without fault to the coaches, it’s been impossible to position someone while they’re actively making full swings.


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Additionally, while most of my time with the K-Vest focused on the 6-iron, Jim informed me that you could use the K-Vest and K-Coach software with every club, from driver to wedges, and even your putter. Accordingly, no aspect of your game is left untouched when trying to find the ideal body positions, swing tempo, and movement synchronization.

When possible, I recommend every golfer who’s serious about taking lessons find a coach who not only has a solid resume, but also has some tech that can help everyone understand what’s going on.

While club head data is certainly one big, and very important, part of the puzzle, how your body is moving can be just as important. In fact, non-optimal body movement could be the underlying reason that you’re entirely unable to square the club face.

As a result, I’d highly recommend everyone who can work with a coach who has access to and is familiar with K-Motion to help identify why their body is holding back their golf game. Even if you just have the chance to get a swing evaluation, the K-Vest will be able to provide you with some invaluable information that can really accelerate your learning curve.

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