California Wild Fires Marijuana

Wildfires Are Destroying Loads of California Weed

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If it isn’t bad enough that innocent people are losing their lives, homes, and businesses, the California wildfires are burning up Weed fields faster than the crowd at the ’69 Woodstock festival. Twenty-two fires have destroyed more than 16,000 acres so far in California, and marijuana growers are starting to report devastation to their prized crop which is about to …

Colombian Island Resort Offers Plenty of Sex Drugs and Golf

Colombian Island Resort Offers Unlimited Sex, Drugs, and Golf

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You don’t usually find amenities like “unlimited sex” and “drug friendly” when booking your next golf trip, but this isn’t your average golf destination spot. Yes, you heard that right, there is actually a private island resort in Columbia that offers unlimited prostitutes, cocaine, and free alcohol in addition to horseback riding, and of course…golf. So when you’re not buried …