Golfer Gets Laid Out by Angry Goose

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We have all seen stories of animals attacking players on the golf course, usually being a deer or alligator depending on the location. But this past weekend, a far less intimating animal decided to show its wrath.

Last weekend, the Madison Tournament, a high school event  at Wolf Creek Golf Course in Adrian, Michigan was held for the youth of the state. Devon Pitts and her husband, an assistant coach for one of the teams, were on the course watching the team play when they noticed a nest of geese in the fairway just past the tee box. Then the unthinkable happened.

After teeing off, high school golfer Isaac Couling was looking at the nest as he walked down the fairway. Minding his own business, one of the protection geese flew out of the nest, right at Couling, attacking him. The goose attempted to land on Couling, knocking him down, and knocking his bag right off of his back. Pitts was there to capture the moment.

It’s not everyday that you’re in the perfect position with a camera to capture something so crazy but Pitts explained how it all went down. “I’m not going to lie,” Pitts said. “I was laughing quite hard after the attack was over. Isaac spoke with me after the match. I showed him the pictures and we just laughed.”We were just heading back to the clubhouse to get a coffee and hot chocolate,” she said.

If you’re sitting there wondering why she was going to get a hot chocolate instead of helping the Couling out, the situation was over a lot quicker than the pictures would indicate. Plus, there were no injuries suffered by Couling, as the goose just knocked him off of his feet and retreated. It’ll be a situation he will continue to laugh about for years to come.
While we may not think of the geese we see on the course as dangerous, it shows that any animal can attack at any time when you get too close. So next time you head out to the links, make sure you’re aware and safe around all wildlife.

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