My 2018 WITB Rundown

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2018 has been the year I finally re-tooled my bag. Literally from the top down everything has been upgraded this year.

It all started back in February when Mike and I went for a putter fitting at Club Champion. This was my very first putter fitting and I still consider it the most enlightening of all the club fittings I’ve been through.

The SAM PuttLab (which is like a Trackman for putting) showed me a lot about my putting stroke that day.


I walked out of that experience fitted for a deadly Bettinardi BB1-LN and my 2018 equipment journey was off to an amazing start.

Fast forward to May of 2018 when we got the call every golfer dreams of…Titleist had invited us to come to their regional fitting center in Sleepy Hollow for a full bag fitting!

excited fuck yeah GIF

The experience was a game changer! My first ever full bag fitting…and Titleist no less!


Armed with my new AP3 irons and even my first ever Hyrbid (never thought that would happen) I was ready to attack the rest of the season while the summer lasted.

The final tweak to the bag came a few months later when we bumped into Kevin Sprecher at The Northern Trust. He teased us a bit by telling us about the yardage gains he made when switching to the new TS series drivers.

Granted, our new drivers were only a few months old, but with all the hype around the TS2 and TS3 Mike and I couldn’t resist going back to Sleepy to give them a try.


And boy were we glad we did…after all was said and done, I gained 12 mph ball speed and 20 yards total distance by making the switch to the TS2. That’s unheard of!

Anyway, that brings me to now, wrapping up the 2018 season with a new set of sticks that give me the confidence I need to play my best.

Tie everything up with a pretty bow in the form of a custom Vessel golf bag and needless to say, I’m one happy camper.


Ok so that’s the whole story of how we got from there to here. And without further adieu, here’s my full WITB as we close out the 2018 golf season:

As always, I’d love to hear your comments, suggestions, and questions. So either post them below or send me a Tweet @frankfasanojr.

Cheers guys, and thanks for following my equipment journey this year!


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