Nike Releases Air Jordan 13 Golf Shoe

Nike Releases New Air Jordan 13 Golf Shoe

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In the land of shoes, nothing really comes close to the Air Jordans.  Like the player who their name represents, they are the king of the shoe industry, with stars from all walks of life wearing the J’s.  And now the Jordan brand is heading to the golf course.

The AJ 13’s will have a direct correlation to the same model that was released in 1997 for Jordan’s basketball game.  Designed by famed Nike shoe designer Tinker Hatfield, the original Jordan was supposed to be based upon a cat’s paw.  The goal of the shoe was to provide Jordan more balance and flexibility on the court.  These are the same aspects that the shoe now brings to golfers.

The balance and flexibility aspect of the shoe is the most important characteristic that will gain golfers’ attention.  Because players are constantly playing in different environments, on different lies, and on multiple slopes, having a solid balance is key in hitting the shot that each player desires.

Some of the other aspects of the shoe include a midsole made from foam that distributes impact along the foot, and the leather overlay has multiple layers that help keep the entire foot in place.  On top of that, the leather overlay has a one-year waterproof guarantee, just in case you have to hit your ball out of the pond.

Nike has recently taken a step back from golf, specifically ending their golf equipment program, but have stepped up their game in the apparel market, especially with the Jordan Brand.

Michael Jordan is especially interested in making golf shoes because of his own love for the game.  Not only does he consistently go out on the course and compete in the occasional pro-am, he’s also pretty good himself, as evidenced by the ace he hit in Space Jam.

If this shoe seems like it could improve your game or you just want to own them for the swagger, the Air Jordan 13’s go on sale today and will cost you $200.  But if you’re interested in the shoe I’d buy them fast before they all sell out.

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