Ted Baker Golf Apparel Review

Ted Baker Golf Apparel Review

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I always thought golf apparel, shirts, pants, shorts, etc. were all basically the same. Sure, there are some slight differences in some “technology” when it comes to moisture-wicking, or maybe your shorts come with a spot to put a golf tee or something. But, generally, speaking, that was about it. And when it came to price, you were primarily paying for whatever logo was attached to said apparel.

Then I was introduced to Ted Baker golf collection and I realized how wrong I’ve been.

Ted Baker Golf Apparel Review

The phrase “you get what you pay for” has never been truer than it is with Ted Baker clothing.

It’s all so perfect.

Let’s start with their amazing shirts. They are made of 95% cotton and 5% of what’s called “elastane”. Elastane is basically a type of spandex. Combined with cotton it makes the shirt soft, breathable, and comfortable while maintaining its shape and fit. The shirt also will stretch with your movements and not restrict or pull. And it will not become untucked as you play your round, which I really appreciate.

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I love the style of the shirt, too. I was a bit hesitant with the golf ball print and thought it would be a bit busy or loud, but it isn’t at all. I really love the lay-flat collar and stud/snap buttons. Finally, a nice little touch added to the shirt is a very small, unobtrusive pocket on one of the sleeves that can be used to hold a ball marker or even a tee.

Moving to the “lower half” of Ted Baker’s golf apparel…pants.

Generally speaking, I’ve never really been a golf pants guy. I was fully expecting to be uncomfortable or at the very least need to get used to wearing pants on the golf course. Again, I couldn’t be more wrong. And again, so comfortable and full of little touches that make them perfect for the golf course.

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Just like the shirts, the pants are made of a stretchable fabric that fits your body and moves with you rather than against. They are also breathable. I’ve been wearing mine during my morning rounds this summer where the temperature goes from the mid-60s into the low-70s and have never felt overheated. They are also somehow waterproof!

What really makes these pants though are the little things, like the golf tees print on the inside of the cuffs. In one of the pockets is a small square cloth attached by a snap that you can use to clean your golf ball on the green. It can also double as a means to clean your sunglasses or rangefinder lenses.

The pants also have an awesome velcro strap on the backside of the pants that allow you to attach your golf glove to them. It’s kind of my favorite thing. For no other reasons other than it’s just cool and super-convenient.

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Given all the golf-specific pieces of both the shirts and pants, the true brilliance of the Ted Baker golf collection is the ease in which the styles transition to off the course. While the shirts and pants are both made to be used athletically, they don’t look like that’s the purpose of the clothing. These styles could easily be worn in the office or out to dinner.

There is no doubt Ted Baker goes all-out when it comes to quality, functionality, and versatility in their golf attire.

It’s all so perfect.

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