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Our Action-Packed Golf Trip to Crystal Springs Resort

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I’ve played their golf courses probably well over 20-25 times. I’ve been to countless golf outings and have eaten great dinners at the Grand Cascades Lodge banquet room.

I’ve used the clubhouse locker room, eaten in the Tavern, and even rode the GolfBoards on Cascades.

But, for the first time ever, I got to experience the full golf getaway weekend courtesy of Crystal Spring Resort; and of course we ‘vlogged’ it.

Grand Cascades Lodge at Crystal Springs

Crystal Springs resort is a popular New Jersey destination for golf, weddings, banquets, family fun and more. The resort is roughly 45 minutes from my home in New Jersey and this time my podcast co-host and partner in crime Frank and I were able to bring our wives and kids on this trip.

As we always say; when you mix golf with family, it’s tough to get into any trouble.

Golfboard Cascades

Our crew arrived early Saturday morning and we sent the wives off for a massage and some champagne (we’re pretty smart) while we got settled in. That evening we had an awesome dinner at the Chef’s Garden, one of the many restaurants on site, and even played some night mini golf with the kids right outside on the resort’s 18 hole glow up mini golf course.

We teed it up at Cascades in the morning before a day filled of fall festivities along Crystal Springs’ Harvest Trail, which is the perfect thing for anyone looking for something fun to do during the season!

Hope you all enjoy watching this one as much as we enjoyed filming it!


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