COURSE VLOG: I Met Some Instagram Friends at Ferry Point

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Married with two kids limits my weekends; but in a good way. However, last Sunday I received a “pass” to play Trump Links at Ferry Point through an invitation I saw on Instagram.

I know what you’re asking, “you saw a public invitation to play golf with strangers and drove 45 minutes into NYC giving up 9 hours total time on a Sunday?”

Yep. And it was awesome.

Here’s the back story: Matt Cardis (@golfinyourstate) and Jordan Griggs (@thedapperdrive) are two guys, buddies in fact, who left their lives behind for two weeks (or more) to rent an RV and travel to Nova Scotia and play lots of golf along the way.

Matt Cardis Jordan Griggs

We first met Matt at the PGA Show this past January and we talked about shooting a course vlog together. Well this was finally the opportunity; so I took it.

For $200, I got a Sunday tee time at an expensive golf course, a hat, a shirt, a ball marker, cool photos and some new friends.

Overall about 20 people came out from the surrounding NYC/NJ area to wish Matt and Jordan off on their trip to Cabot Links. Thanks boys for putting this one together.

Similar to our meet-up with Erik Anders Lang in August, any chance we get to and play or talk golf with a potential new friend from social media; we go for it.

Trump Links at Ferry Point

The golf was great, the company was outstanding, and the views were amazing but we were fighting the clock/sunset coming through the back nine. Watch the vlog to see if we made it.

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