#McEwenReviewsIt: When Golf Meets Baseball?

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It started with a simple IM with a link from a friend and a question, “want to check this out?”

The link was to StadiumLinks. A company that transforms baseball fields into nine-hole golf courses. And they were coming to Chicago.

Guaranteed Rate Field, specifically, and three of my golf buddies and I were in.

None of us really knew what to expect. They don’t have a real social media presence and their website really just lays out the basics.

They would be in town for a weekend and we would be hitting balls from the seats into the outfield. And that was about it.

Oh, and it was $75 to $80, depending on when you booked your tee time.

Nevertheless, we took the leap of faith because, well, because it was golf at a baseball field.

Overall, we were glad we went.

Here’s how it works. StadiumLinks supplies you with 18 golf balls, meaning you get two shots per “hole”.

On the outfield, there are nine pins, each with a different color. Surrounding the pin is a circle of the same color, then there is a dark green outline in the shape of a “green”. Hit a shot within the circle earns you a birdie. Inside the dark green outline equals par. It’s a bogey if your ball lands outside the dark green line and a double-bogey should you put one in the seats.

Yes, we did witness some other groups hit a few doubles.

It was a good time. There’s a beer cart driving around, music is playing inside the stadium, and even though they chased us off the first tee, we pretty much had each tee box to ourselves throughout the round.

I think if you love baseball and love golf, you’d really enjoy it. And if it’s your favorite baseball team’s home field, I think it would make all that much better.

In other words, StadiumLinks, next time you’re in Chicago, do Wrigley!


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Kris became obsessed with the game of golf after deciding to finally hang up his baseball cleats about four years ago. Still learning the game, he’s leaned on much of the on-line golf community for help and loves to return the favor whenever possible.

A contributor to several golf sites in the past, Kris writes from the perspective of your average golfer. One who has a passion for the game, but also has the typical restrictions of life and budget.

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