Our Playing Lesson Experience at Sleepy Hollow Country Club

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Truth be told, prior to last week I shared a common misconceptions about what a “playing lesson” really was. Having never taken one before, like many other amateur golfers, I naturally assumed that the only difference between a “range lesson” and a “playing lesson” was the venue.

The reality couldn’t be further from the truth…

As 2018 Met PGA Teacher of the Year explains, in a playing lesson the pro’s job is to take the game you currently have and maximize your efficiency by showing you how to manage your way around the golf course.

So rather than “fixing” your swing, in a playing lesson the instructor’s job is to teach you how to score by minimizing risk and maximizing return all while working within your current skill level.

Check out this week’s video for more:

By the way…how about that course! Sleepy Hollow CC had been on my New York bucket list for quite some time, and you can clearly see why.

The Sleepy Hollow track was challenging, yet fair, and had scenic views in every direction. The iconic stretch of the 15th “Punchbowl”, 16th “Short”, and 17th “Hudson” holes were some of the finest I’ve ever played. Hat’s off to this historic venue!

If you’ve ever taken a playing lesson of your own let me know about it in the comments below. Also, if you’d like to book your own lesson with Kevin Sprecher I could not recommend the experience highly enough. Find out more by visiting is website at

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