Rukket Red Head Swing Trainer Review

Rukket Red Head Golf Strength and Tempo Trainer Review

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Rukket Red Head Swing Trainer Review

Tell me if it sounds familiar.  You – or that friend – are rushing to the course, barely enough time to change shoes and pay the greens fees before time is up and you have to tee up the first ball of the day.  With minutes to spare, too little to use at the range or the green, you step up to the tee box and take a few swings with the driver.  Muscles, tingling. Joints, creaking.  Mind, all over the place.

Because you didn’t give yourself enough time to warm up and really sync up the timing and tempo of your swing, you pretty much play catch up for three or four holes before you proclaim, “Now I’m feeling good, I’m ready to make some shots now.”

What I think the Rukket Red Head Swing Trainer does best overall is to fast-track a person to attaining their tempo very quickly.  If there’s anything an amateur golfer tends to do when they’re not warmed up, or nervous on the first tee, is to rush their swing and become disconnected.  This mostly results in asking permission for a “Breakfast ball.”  Rukket has built something to combat this sequence and really get someone warmed up and ready to go.

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It’s a long club, about 5” longer than my driver, but that’s on purpose to help create a flatter follow through swing akin to Ben Hogan’s liken.  The red head is heavy, almost 1 pound heavy, and it does an excellent job of grooving your tempo.  There’s no way you can get too fast and out of sync unless you’re physically trying to do so, and even then it won’t feel right.

I once had 3 minutes to spare before it was my turn to tee it up and so I used the Rukket Red Head with that time and afterwards immediately felt so much more loose and confident.  That’s all the time it took for me.  The shaft is flexible so you can really feel the lag and it helps retain that lag throughout the downswing.  I’ve noticed that I can actually feel the flex of my real clubs more since using this training aid, mostly so on driver and 3 wood.

This is legal to carry on the course so although I use it mostly pre-game, it’s also great for mid-rounds if you feel like you’re losing that sense of tempo and need to regain that back.

It markets itself as one of the best warm-up and swing tempo trainers so that’s exactly what I use it for.  The added bonus is that is that it helps build those core muscles needed to support a stable swing and, even more so, is the residual value of improving muscle memory so you can take your conscious mind out and hit better shots over and over on-demand.

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It’s a very underrated part of golf, tempo, and I don’t think the notion of it gets the attention it really deserves.  It’s a harder concept for a golf pro to actively teach because it’s so different from person to person and very dependent on that individual’s feel of it.  But having this tempo trainer will definitely help anybody attain their own sense as to what is best suited for them.  And it doesn’t take long for that to kick in.

The red head also has two white lines that are supposed to help a person focus on a Ben Hogan-like flat swing plane on the follow through.  I’ll admit, I don’t really use the white lines as much for plane visualization, I prefer to use it more for my overall feel and tempo.  But it’s there to use and if you can help train your eyes with it, more power to you.

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The 48” length is best suited for someone 5’6” and above and the 40” is appropriate for someone smaller than 5’6” and it comes with a lifetime warranty.

At a retail cost of $49.99 I’d say it’s well worth what you pay.  I’ve had friends try it out once and have thought positive results came out of it.

Final verdict: Give it a shot, you won’t regret it.

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