SelfieGolf Review

SelfieGolf Easily Solves Your Swing Video Problem

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SelfieGolf Review

From the very moment engineers integrated a camera into a phone, golfers have been trying to record their swings.

And from that very moment, golfers have struggled with setting up the said camera phone to properly capture their swing.

Sure, you can ask a stranger. But that only gets you one or two swing videos, hardly enough footage to accurately capture swing flaws.

Maybe you can attempt to perfectly balance the camera somehow, someway on your golf bag, or shelf, or golf cart, or some kind of McGyver set-up using a paper clip, some duct tape, and a half-full can of beer.

Or you can get yourself a SelfieGolf phone clip and solve your problem altogether.

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If you’ve read my product reviews before, you know that I love simplicity. The 2017 winner for Best New Product at the annual PGA Show is about as simple a product as they come.

Basically, it’s built with two clips in one. The internal clip holds the entire thing in place and can attach to an alignment stick or to the shaft of a golf club. The external, larger clip holds your phone in place, with the flexibility to hold any size phone.

I’ve used it both ways. When I was on a grass range, I attached it to an alignment stick that was stuck into the earth, and when I was at a range with turf mats, I was able to quickly and easily set it up using my golf bag and golf club.

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Again, the brilliance is truly in its simplicity. During a range session, the last thing I want to do is spend a bunch of time setting up my phone to record my swing. I want to quickly get things in place and get to work on getting better. SelfieGolf allows me to do exactly that.

I can set-up my phone to be ready to record just as quickly as it takes to fill a bucket with golf balls.

Another advantage of the SelfieGolf mechanism is the ability to quickly change your recording location. I can move the view from down the line to front-on in seconds. All I have to do is move the alignment stick or golf bag from one spot to another. Before, when I was using a mini tripod, a move like that would require a full reset.

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SelfieGolf is a five-star product. It’s a high-quality piece of equipment that simplifies the recording process. It’s small enough to carry in your bag or even leave attached to a stick or club in your bag for easy access.

No more asking strangers. No more phone balancing acts. Just a quick and easy set-up.

If only it were as simple to fix my (multiple) swing flaws.


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