Two Guys with Balls Review

Two Guys with Balls – Second Chance Golf Ball Review

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Two Guys with Balls Review

Two Guys with Balls walk onto a golf course.  They scour through woods, dive in ponds, mow down fescue just to find…your lost golf balls.  Thus follows the business model, the website, the customer service, the touch of quality control and, Arnie’s Army.

Two Guys with Balls isn’t how your uncle’s joke begins, it’s the latest competitor in the recycled/used golf ball market.

Google search the company name at your own risk  – or be smart and visit their website directly here:  Two Guys with Balls

The name is fun and playful and on first pass I thought it might give the sense that this is a small town operation trying to fulfill a nation-wide demand.  Quite the opposite, as the experience from online ordering to mailbox delivery was refreshingly smooth and enjoyable.

The visual aesthetics of the website are very clean and well mapped out making for a great user experience. The white and soft green color palette is always a good choice. It made it easy for the customer to search all options and find what suits them.

They carry all the available brands in golf balls and they fall into three different Grading Scales:  Eagle, Birdie and Par.  No bogeys or worse here.

Balls with an EAGLE grade look and feel new, and may also have player markings or company logos but have zero damage to the ball.

BIRDIE balls are in great working order too but have small imperfections, discoloration or blemishes but to the point it shouldn’t affect its intended performance.

Lastly, PARS will have noticeable imperfections, markings, blemishes that could affect the ball once struck and in flight. These are obviously the cheapest price point.

Two Guys with Balls Review 2

So which balls did I select?  I was very tempted to get the darling unicorn of the golf ball world, the Kirkland Signature. But they were $37.99 for a dozen so I decided to pass so I could test out two different grades.

I ordered a dozen Titleist ProV1’s with their best quality grade, eagle, for $18.99.  That’s some hefty savings. About $30 or more of savings as they typically sell for $49.99 on retail.

I also ordered a dozen Bridgestone Tour B330 RXS – Par quality, for $10.99. These typically retail around $39.99.  Savings around $30 again.

The Two Guys with Balls also have a reminder on the site that they offer a VIP Membership to customers.  You get 10% off all used golf balls, get free shipping on every order and also get a yearly swing analysis. You earn double Ball Points which is another perk to their site, which is their Rewards program that I overlooked at first pass.

Customers who sign up at checkout automatically get enrolled in their Rewards Program where you earn points for every $1 spent. $1 = 10 points. Large points can accumulate when you start making large orders, submit a review, signup for an account, and other loyalty activities.

The golf balls shipped quick, only took 3 days to get them in the mail. The balls came in 8 branded sleeves that conveyed a different message on each side.  I thought it was a great touch and showed their attention to detail.  Not only that, but they came with a personal letter from the company in a sealed envelope.  The letter further backed their sentiment on how they value quality and customer service and reach out if anything was needed to ensure a flawless experience.

I was impressed. More companies should do this. It does make a difference in buyers mind, because they remember these kind of things.  On top of all that, they also donate a portion of every purchase to Arnie’s Army Charitable Foundation.

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With the Prov1’s I thought each and every ball I got was near flawless, several had a company logo, a tournament logo or the dots from a player’s permanent marker but the condition was seriously like new and the dimples were rigid and true.  Awesome savings for such good quality. I would play these any time in a tournament.

Two Guys with Balls Review 4

The Bridgestone balls with the Par C quality were definitely not nearly as good and thus why the price is so much cheaper for that whole grade in general.  These are the types of balls I find in the woods when I hit a shank that have probably been muddling there for a bit of time.

The balls are discolored and there are blemishes and the dimples feel much less rigid.  I would almost prefer having these as practice balls around the yard as opposed to actually putting these in play.

Two Guys with Balls Review


But the bottom line is, if you want to save a huge chunk of change and get some really good used golf balls then most definitely select up on the quality grade and spring for the Eagles and go with Two Guys with Balls.  The shopping experience was top notch and their personal connection to the customer is well noted. Not to mention their mission statement and philosophy on giving back to a good cause hits the heart strings.

Turns out, all you need is two guys with balls to make a good thing happen, to save people money and all with a worthy cause on the back end of it all.

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