Tathata Golf Training Review Update

Tathata Golf Training Update and What’s Next

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The last time you heard from me, I had just completed Chapter One of the Tathata Golf Training Program. That was way back in June of last year. During that time, I slowed my training due to life getting a little busier and to the golf season kicking into full gear.

That is one of the advantages of Tathata Golf, it’s on-demand training. If you don’t have the time or want to take a break, you can.

By the end of the summer, I completed three chapters of the training, taking what I had learned and the new movements to the golf course through the summer months and into the fall.

There are several pieces of the training that have improved my game.

Tathata Golf Training Review Update

I can honestly say I am better at golf because of the stuff Bryan is teaching. And it isn’t just my scoring that has improved, but so has my ball-striking consistency, flexibility, and to some extent, my mental approach.

The first three chapters are primarily about establishing and focusing on the fundamentals. Grip, stance, and balance. But the other piece of the training that I have really come to enjoy are the stretching exercises. And I hate stretching.

Turns out flexibility can really help with your golf game. Who knew?!

In all seriousness, I feel like this piece of the training is what is missing from any other program or lessons I’ve taken. In many cases, a lot of the on-line teaching almost assumes you can make some of the movements they’re trying to teach. But if you can’t, you’re either going to hurt yourself trying, or potentially regress in your game.

But back to the scoring, which is really what matters.

I was around a 14 handicap in May and by the end of the summer, I had moved to a 12. Which is basically going from flirting with the 80s, typically in the 88 to 92-ish kind of range, to shooting solidly in the mid-80s, and sometimes flirting with something miraculous like actually breaking 80 (2018: It’s gonna happen!). I’m just hitting the ball with so much more consistency.

And, thanks to the additional emphasis on flexibility and a focus on leverage, I’m hitting with a little more oomph than last year.

My original plan was to finish up the training this winter.

But Tathata Golf had other plans. In October, they re-launched their entire site, introducing Tathata TV, additional training, and an app.

So now I’m preparing to dive into all of the new content. I’ll be back towards the end of the month with a full report. Stay tuned!


About Kris McEwen

Kris became obsessed with the game of golf after deciding to finally hang up his baseball cleats about four years ago. Still learning the game, he’s leaned on much of the on-line golf community for help and loves to return the favor whenever possible.

A contributor to several golf sites in the past, Kris writes from the perspective of your average golfer. One who has a passion for the game, but also has the typical restrictions of life and budget.

He can be reached on Twitter at @krismcewen.

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from what i’ve seen i would like to give it a try. not sure about the new age angle but as long as i don’t have to drink any cool-aid