The Chipping Pro Review

The Chipping Pro Can Help With Those Chunked Chips

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The Chipping Pro Review

We’ve all done it.

Well, most of us have done it.

Okay, fine, I’ve done it.

I’m just off the green in the rough and have a wedge in hand. All I need to do is chip onto the green, get it close enough for a makeable putt, and get out of there with a successful up-and-down.

I stand behind the ball and take a look at the slope of the green. Turns out it was a good miss. I didn’t short-side myself and it’s uphill so I can be pretty aggressive.

I step around and prepare myself for the shot. I a take a few practice strokes so my tempo is just right.

I address the ball, placing the ball in my stance to get the kind of loft and roll-out I want.

I got this.

I take my short back-swing and come back at the ball and you know what happens…CHUNK.

For me, my club head falls behind the ball and digs into the ground. For you, it might bounce and hit the middle of the ball. Either way, maybe we’re lucky and our next shot will be with the putter.

Or maybe we start all over and find ourselves once again standing behind the ball, taking a look at the slope of the green, with a bit higher blood pressure than when we began.

If you want your golf scores to improve, your short-game has to be reliable. The majority of us aren’t going to be hitting 15 of 18 greens in regulation. In fact, I would bet if we were able to get up-and-down on a regular basis, we would all see a huge improvement in our golf game. Chunking or thinning a chip shot is giving away at least one stroke, if not more, out on the golf course.

The Chipping Pro helps with this part of our golf game. It’s designed to train you to perfect your downswing, as well as a proper follow through. It’s also designed to give immediate feedback if either one of those things fails to occur.

First, the Chipping Pro has a raised lip on the backside to force an optimum downswing. For me, that is a steeper one. And if you aren’t steep enough into the ball, you’re going to immediately know it. Now, you could probably still be “sweeping” the ball and get away with not running into the backside or raised lip of the training aid.

But that’s where the second piece comes in to play. On the front side of the Chipping Pro there is a raised flap. If you’re sweeping the ball or actually too steep, you’ll either miss the flap or just clip the top of it. What should be happening when you chip is hitting down on the golf ball and properly following through towards the target. This flap provides the feedback that it’s properly happening.

The Chipping Pro Review

So the goal is to avoid the lip and knock down the flap. Simple.

The Chipping Pro also provides a guide for both your feet and golf ball, which allows you to really work on all pieces of your chip shots.

For me, I know what I should be doing when I chip, but even while doing some chipping work on the range, I couldn’t tell you if I was truly being consistent with my movements.

Now I feel much more confident as The Chipping Pro certainly helps with letting me know if I’m getting things right.

The Chipping Pro Review

Now excuse me as I stand behind the ball and take a look at the slope.

I got this.


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