This Guy Has a Baseball Golf Swing that Actually Works

Justin B. Just For Fun Leave a Comment

A video from this week went viral when someone filmed their friend taking a unique approach to his drive. Now, I’ve been to Topgolf and have seen some pretty interesting swings but this one takes the cake.

This guy steps up to the ball as if he’s stepping in to hit a pitch in the bottom of the ninth at the world series, twirling the driver above his shoulder.

While it looks like a halfway decent Frank Thomas impression, the swing is actually surprisingly effective for him. The drive appears to soar into the back fence and somehow came out pretty darn straight.

Anyway, this one certainly takes the “swing your swing” concept to a whole new level.

Impressive to say the least. But can he do it twice? If so, we’ll take him on our scramble team any day of the week.

Cover Image via Twitter

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