UA and Jordan Spieth Collaborate to Create the Spieth 3

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The 2019 releases continue hot and heavy. This time, it’s Under Armour releasing Jordan Spieth’s newest shoe, the Spieth 3.

Jordan himself was much more involved with this newest iteration of his shoe, with the 3-time Major winner tasking Under Armour’s design team with developing the most technologically advanced golf shoe to come to market.

“The Spieth 3 is the best one yet. No question about it. It’s easy for me to be really excited about it. I can definitely feel the difference, and seeing the data to back up the work the Under Armour team put in confirms it.” – Jordan Spieth


  • New evolved rotational resistance technology, UA Rotational Resistance Spike (RST 2.0), and Softspikes™️ Silver Tornado, which create a lower profile and offer rotational traction with less putting green impact.
  • Clarino microfiber in the upper with an integrated lacing system, combined with Smart Woven jacquard forefoot and heel counter for biomechanically correct foot support and lightweight comfort.
  • A strategically placed carbon fiber insert that delivers a stable hitting platform, and a cushioned EVA midsole that allows for all-day comfort on the course and support to ground the movement of the foot through the golf swing.


Using a data-driven approach, the brand took the development process across the pond to consult J.J. Rivet, a leader in biomechanics at the European Tour Performance Institute. Under Armour incorporated J.J.’s unique scientific insights into the torquing and rotation of the golf swing, and how it starts with foot stabilization and ground contact, to inform the patented traction technology in the shoe.

“JJ Rivet’s invaluable expertise and deep knowledge of the biomechanics of the golf swing helped the UA golf footwear team focus on specific key design elements in order to deliver the most technologically advanced golf shoe we’ve ever produced,” said Mike Forsey, Director of Global Golf Footwear.

The Spieth 3 is the lightest weight Spieth golf shoe to date, while maintaining stability and structural support. Jordan worked with UA’s research team to determine three must-haves that could not be compromised in the construction of the Spieth 3.


When a golfer swings, the forefoot rotates laterally and the heel rotates in the medial direction. When the swing comes back to impact, the foot wants to twist out from under the golfer, resulting in foot slippage.

The Spieth 3 uses patented rotational resistance and traction, both vertically and horizontally, to keep the feet on the ground as long as possible. The golfer is able to use the ground for leverage to power the swing and prevent slipping, ensuring maximum control and minimizing power loss.

“Traction is what separates golf footwear from street shoes,” explained Mike Forsey, “Under Armour Golf continues to be the only golf footwear brand speaking to traction to support the golf swing. With the Spieth 3, we’ve added vertical traction elements which allow the golfer to naturally harness vertical force to bring more power to the ball at impact.”


At Jordan’s request, the overall weight of the Spieth 3 is significantly lighter than past models. To provide the most comfort and stability when walking the course, the Spieth 3 has an upper with microfiber in the heel and a smartly woven jacquard in the forefoot.


Jordan is in his shoes for up to 10 hours at times, so the Spieth 3 was given a waterproof and breathable membrane designed to release perspiration while keeping water from entering. Jordan wanted a zero-distraction shoe, built to perform in any climate, and he got it.


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