Carnoustie Quarter-Zip Pullover Golf Apparel Review

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This past weekend (in February), I was able to get out and play nine holes of golf. It was a relatively mild Saturday for this time of year, a little bit of wind, about 50 degrees, very playable weather.

This weekend the forecast calls for possible snow with a high of 27 degrees.

This is what we call “Spring” in the Midwest.

This time of year, through about April, demands we be flexible with our clothing layering. It is not uncommon for it to be in the mid-40s when we tee off and twenty degrees warmer when we sink our final putt of the day.

Carnoustie has released its spring wear collection with this in mind, especially their outerwear.


I was able to test their quarter-zip pullover for my round this past weekend. It was a sunny, 45-degree day and this pullover combined with my cold weather long-sleeve shirt kept me comfortable. As it starts to warm-up, I can easily see myself wearing a golf shirt under the pullover and removing it as the sun gets higher in the sky.

That’s the practical purpose of the quarter-zip. But the great thing about the Carnoustie line, in general, is the everyday possibilities. While the purpose of the clothing is tailored towards sport, all of their clothing can be worn off the course, as well.


I guarantee my new quarter-zip will be worn when a golf club is nowhere to be found. It’s nice enough to be worn in the office and comfortable enough to be worn while sitting around a fire with friends.

Once again, Carnoustie Sportswear comes through with more great fitting, great looking, and versatile apparel.

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Kris became obsessed with the game of golf after deciding to finally hang up his baseball cleats about four years ago. Still learning the game, he’s leaned on much of the on-line golf community for help and loves to return the favor whenever possible.

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