Extend Your Golf Season with Callaway’s Fall 2018 Collection

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Callaway Apparel is something special to me, particularly outwear since one of their thermal vests was my first true piece of “golf clothing.”  Ironically enough, that Callaway zip-up vest is still one of my go-to pieces of clothing whenever the weather dips below 70°. And that’s because, despite being a few years old, the zipper still easily glides up and down and the material shows no sign of fraying, distress, or abuse.

And I’m happy to say that I’m equally impressed with Callaway’s 2018 Fall Collection, specifically their Dual Action ¼ Zip Pullover from the Weather Series, and expect that this will be another piece of apparel for years to come.


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Before I go in-depth about my experience with the Dual Action ¼ Zip Pullover, the big theme of Callaway Apparel’s 2018 Fall Collection is Extend Your Season.  And that’s great, because you shouldn’t allow fall weather to put a stop to your golf season (especially since you’re finally playing some of your best golf).

Now back to the Dual Action ¼ Zip Pullover.


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The Dual Action corresponds to the two technologies being featured.  First, the ¼ Zip Pullover has insulated thermal fabric that helps keep you warm when temperatures start approaching the 40s and 50s.  Second, the ¼ Zip’s fabric is also weather-repellent fabric that creates a barrier of lightweight protection to resist wind and water.

In other words, the Dual Action Pullover keeps you warm (and loose in between swings) and dry, even when you get caught in wet or windy weather.  And this is exactly what my experience with the ¼ Zip Pullover has been.

After playing a few late October and early November rounds in the Pullover, I was surprised how even when the temperatures were the high-40s and low-50s (which feel even colder when you factor in wind chill), I was able to maintain a nice warmth in between swings, which is super important to make sure your core and back stay warm and don’t tighten up while riding in the cart or walking the course in between shots.

In addition to the Dual Action technology, which is definitely doing its part, there are three other features worth highlighting that helps make the ¼ Zip a must have.

First, the high collar helps make sure the cold stays off your neck, which is great since most sweaters and long sleeves leave your neck exposed.

Second, the fitted wrists and waist section help make sure that the Pullover stay in place.  This was a huge selling point for me since I hate having to constantly pull up sleeves when they hang low and affect my grip.

Finally, when I did want to keep my hands warm in between shots, the ¼ Zip has two pockets that are perfect for when you’re waiting your turn on the green.

In sum, the Callaway Apparel Fall 2018 Collection is stocked with different pullovers, fleeces, vests, and jackets that feature various technology that will allow you to stay warm and dry and play your best golf without intrusion.  So if you’re looking to squeeze in a few extra rounds of fall golf, Callaway Apparel has plenty of high-quality and clean looking options that will allow to extend your season a few more weeks.

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