My Experience With the Short Par 4 Golf Subscription Box

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I’ve been looking into golf subscription boxes for a while. I enjoy a fresh polo and shorts as much as the next guy but good quality stuff is expensive and it limits my ability to refresh my golf wardrobe.

Typically, most of my higher quality stuff I get from stores like Marshalls or in Canada, Winners, or if the pro shop is having a year end clearance. I know it usually is a couple of seasons behind but it is still nice.

And since I’m a brand whore and I like nice things I seek out the more well known brands like Adidas and Travis Matthew, Under Armour….so I am willing to shell out a bit more.

When I came across Short Par 4 I was intrigued as the prices were pretty reasonable.

First off I’ll walk though the sign up and how they determine your style.

The sign up is fairly straight forward, if you’ve signed up for anything on the internet ever you can sign up for this.

Next comes getting styled. There are four different styles to choose from:

  • Loud and Wild which they base off of guys like Ricky Fowler and Ian Poulter, think bright colors and bold patterns
  • Traditional based on guys like Freddy Couples and Matt Kucher, more subdued colors and more of a classic look
  • Athletic not based on guys like me (ie:fat/husky) Dustin Johnson and Jordan Speith, a modern, clean look
  • And last All Styles which is pretty self explanatory, a combo of all the styles.

There are 2 packages to choose from, the Fairway Package $49.00 USD/month plus shipping, this package 2-3 premium items. There is also the Executive Package $79.00 USD/month plus shipping, this includes 3-4 premium items, access to VIP member support and early access to member only deals. I’m assuming this means you know what is coming your way from month to month.

You then pick your shoe, pants, glove and shirt sizes, what hand you wear your glove on. I decided to go with the Fairway Package and went with All Styles option.

I ordered it up and received an email right away stating the order was picked and ready for shipment. I should mention that I placed my order close to Christmas so I was expecting some shipping delays. Turns out I was right and I didn’t receive my order until the first week of February. I should also mention that I am in Canada so expect more delays from that as well.

In total I paid $85.00 in Canadian funds shipped including exchange. When the package arrived I also had to pay $16.00 in duty, this is obviously not SP4s fault and was an oversight on my behalf. I have received 2 orders since the first box and haven’t been dinged duty on either.

When I opened the bag I was pleasantly surprised to see I got 2 Matte Grey shirts and a Matte grey pullover as well as a base layer under shirt. 4 items in total. The colors I received were nice, light blue and grey polos, the pullover was a nice coral ie:pinkish color, I prefer to call it aggressive salmon. The base layer shirt was dark grey. If I’m being honest I likely would not have chosen the aggressive salmon color if I’d seen it on the shelf but I actually like it.

I checked the Matte Grey website I could see that the shirts priced out to an average of $70.00 USD, so a pretty decent deal.

Just by coincidence I had been watching a PGA event on TV I noticed one of the golfers wearing Matte Grey and really liked the look. Admittedly I have never heard of it but I am really looking forward to showing it off on the course this upcoming season. Once this -30 degree weather and waist deep snow melts away that is.

I decided to do one more month and see what I get, I ended up with an Under Armour box. Nothing to crazy here but I ended up with a performance pullover and a Jordan Spieth fitted hat, really nice stuff.

Now I did try to cancel my membership and was told by the very pleasant person on the other end that she could do half off my next month and gave me a hint as to the shoes that would be arriving in the next order, well to say that tickled my fancy is an understatement and because I am weak and easily persuaded I decided to go for one more month. The shoes showed up and I was happy to see a pair of really nice grey Callaway La Jollas, I tried them on and the fit is perfect. They also came with an extra set of laces. Overall very happy!

The website also offers their own currency when you pay for your order, I’ve earned 650 SP4 bucks so far and you can put those towards your future orders.

Short Par 4’s website states that “Handsomeness is guaranteed” Well I hope so because I’m as homely as my golf swing!

I highly recommend Short Par 4, unreal prices, quality stuff and a friendly support staff. Get in, get styled and get out to the course.

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