World Trick Shot Day

Our Top 5 Favorites for World Trick Shot Day

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So apparently yesterday was ‘World Trick Shot Day’, and I am always impressed by the jaw-dropping talent that some of these folks have.   Trick shots have become a ‘thing’ on social media and has led many of us to sit back and enjoy and ask ourselves, how?

Here’s our five favorites (in no particular order); these all rank #1 in our book.

Garrett Clark (@GM_Golf)

Garrett has been killing it over the last 12 months.  This is the shot that apparently blew up his account.  We counted Garrett, that looks like 16 banks!

Ryan Rustard (@Coach_Rusty)

Ryan was a guest on Ep. 205 of The Golf Podcast presented by Golficity and he has easily become one of our favorite trick shot guys.  Not sure how long this one took Rusty, but man we’re glad you got it!

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Joshua Kelley (@Holein1trickshots)

When you get so good at trick shots, you get to do this.  Enough said.

Tania Tare (@taniatare63)

We’ve deemed Tania as the Queen Bee of trick shots.  Scroll through her page and check out some of the best trick shots we’ve seen.

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Colin McCarthy, PGA (@ColinMcCarthyPGA)

Here’s the two-sided trick shot pro that does all kinds of funky things on and off the course.

Comment below with some of your favorite trick shots.

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