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PuttOUT: Is it Really the Simple Way to Perfect Putts?

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We’re at the point in the calendar year where everyone around the world is in full golf-season mode. Driving ranges and courses are packed, people are working on their swings and enjoying warm air.

With all of the play and range work, I asked myself “how much have I practiced my putting?”

Putt for dough, right?  Most amateurs like myself don’t put the time in on improving this part of our game. It’s no secret that there is a vast world of putting aids available on the market. From mirrors to automatic ball returns, we have a plenty of options at home – even PGA TOUR quality putting greens.

I’m now a believer that there is one product that stands above the rest, and that product is PuttOUT.  I truly believe PuttOUT is a product that will change the way we practice putting forever.

Ok, so what’t the deal with this thing; it looks odd right?

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I think the best feature is their simple design. The PuttOUT has a shaped parabolic ramp, and each made putt is returned to the player the same distance it would have gone past the hole had it missed. Only putts of absolute perfection will hold in the micro-target.

Convenience level is ‘a hundred’ on this training aid as you can pretty much use it anywhere (literally). And if it wasn’t small enough, the PuttOUT folds down flat to fit inside your golf bag so you can work on different terrains and undulations.

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The key to this device is the micro-target. It looks easy to have the ball stop perfectly in the micro-target but unless the ball hits the cup with the perfect speed you will not get the satisfaction of a “Perfect Putt.”   And to tip my hat to team PuttOut again, thank you for making the cup the same size as a standard hole on the golf course.  Now you were thinking!

Muscle memory, something Frank and Mike beat to death on The Golf Podcast, is something every golfer hopes to achieve with all 14 clubs. Who doesn’t want that smooth, steady, confident putting stroke?

We’ve seen this product for quite some time and I want to congratulate them on their recent success. I have no affiliation with PuttOUT, I’m just a buyer and a believer.

Here’s my own setup, easy enough right?

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And it’s not just the PuttOUT that these guys brought out to us.  In the last few months, they have released their own putting mat, but full disclosure, I have not used this yet, and it’s only because I haven’t purchased one.

From research I notice they solved the ‘non-flattening putting green’ problem this with their with extra-thick TPR rubber backing and it pretty much rolls flat straight out of the packaging … so consistently smooth rolls is what you’ll get. Sounds ideal to me. These mats even read 10 on the stimpmeter, which is a perfect practice speed in my (amateur) opinion.

Between the visually stunning design, simplistic approach and affordability there is no reason that the PuttOUT should not be part of your golf arsenal. The PuttOUT can be purchased from Amazon for as low as 29.99 USD. The Mat is also available from Amazon for $89.99 USD While supplies last.

Because the mat is such a hot item it is often our of stock but PuttOUT is quick to replenish them as quickly as they can. That’s often followed by a Tweet letting us fans know that they are available for purchase.

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