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Bentley is, has, and (as long as the company remains in business) will always be a symbol of luxury.  In a world of mass production, cost-cutting, and time efficiency, Bentley rejects the norm and instead takes a very different approach. 

Indeed, the Bentley Mulsanne takes 500 hours to build, while the more mainstream Volkswagen Golf takes approximately 23 hours…


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As a result, I could only imagine the time that goes into building Bentley golf clubs even makes the premium Japanese forging houses blush.

Bentley Golf North America, LLC (Bentley Golf), recently announced the release of the Bentley BC2 Cavity Irons (pictured below). 

Simon Wilson, partner at Bentley Golf, has gone as far as saying that, “[t]his is the most forgiving iron in our line,” and that “[i]t’s a great club for golfers with higher handicaps and we’re excited to add this to our collection of premium Bentley irons.”

And in case you weren’t sure how premium Bentley’s BC2s are, each iron is hand forged in Japan from an ultra-premium S25C mild carbon steel body and a 3.5mm carbon steel face that helps in delivering exceptional feel and performance.  The use of carbon steel for the single thickness cup face gives ultimate forgiveness yet maintains the feel that comes from soft carbon steel. 

In combination with a wider sole, longer head, and progressive offset, the multi-piece head enables the club face to be a constant thickness and makes the head very forgiving no matter where on the face the ball is hit.

The BC2s are available in sets of 4-PW or 5-PW with seamless Japanese steel shafts or proprietary 40T multidirectional layer graphite shafts in flexes of lite/ladies, regular/strong regular or stiff/x stiff. Shaft upgrades are available.

And in case you’re in the market for new irons and wondering about the price, each iron is priced at approximately $550 (easily eclipsing PXG’s 0311 GEN2 irons, which go for $400 per club in Chrome or $500 per club in Xtreme Dark).

So if this happens to fit into your budget, don’t worry about buying some off-the-shelf setup. Bentley Golf is currently working with Club Champion to help ensure the bespoke, custom approach is provided to every Bentley customer.


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