Playing in your first amature golf tournament

Playing in Your First Amateur Golf Tournament and What to Expect

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So you noticed your town or community (or neighboring area) is hosting a qualifier event for their annual amateur tournament.  You’re contemplating whether or not play in it – let us be the first to tell you: do it!  Do not let your skill level hold you back.  Playing in your first amateur golf tournament can be a very rewarding …

Golf Course Slope and Rating: Explained

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You see these numbers on the scorecard all the time, but do you ever stop to think about what they actually mean? Course Rating is a numerical value that indicates the difficulty level of a golf course which is then used to determine a player’s handicap.  A course rating will be higher in value if the course is more difficult.  …

Golf Etiquette: Ten Unwritten Rules to Follow

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When playing a friendly round of golf with your buddies the more highly technical rules of golf may not matter much to you.  For example, may golfers may take mulligans, give free drops, or alter the rules in some other way that keeps the round friendly, relaxed, and non-competitive. However, there are a few unwritten rules of golf that player …