Fitness Friday – The Different Components of Golf Fitness

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For this week’s Fitness Friday segment Krik Adams is kicking of a new series of videos talking about the different components of golf fitness.

For more, here’s Kirk’s detailed explanation of this week’s fitness routine from the Facebook group:

There are several different components that make up golf fitness, like mobility, strength and power. Just like different parts of your golf game, it’s important to know where your fitness strengths and weaknesses are so you can pick the right exercises for your workout program and prioritize your time. That will give you the best opportunity to see improvements on the course.

Today’s video talks about mobility and how to know if we are mobile enough to play well. Is this an area you should be prioritizing in your training? For example, in general, men often need to spend more time improving their mobility in order to play better. Women, on the other hand, in general could benefit from more strength and power work.


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