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Golf shoes have recently been getting a lot of attention, particularly shoes that are spikeless, feature a more minimalist-design, or are made with a more breathable knit pattern.  And who doesn’t love options?!?  

However, no matter which pair of shoes you prefer, you’re going to wearing some type of socks that, ideally, should help provide that optimal connection between your feet, shoes, and the ground, all while remaining comfortable.  And, presuming you’ve got some personality, some unique patterns and colors would be nice, too.

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Stance Socks was founded with the idea that socks shouldn’t be an overlooked part of your look. Instead, socks should be an opportunity for you to express who you are, regardless of your walk of life and the occasion you’re dressing for.

As a result, Stance gives you the opportunity to express yourself and your interests, whether you’re heading into the office, about to enjoy a casual afternoon with your friends, or teeing it up with your normal foursome. In fact, there’s probably a very good chance you’ve seen some of your favorite athletes (or Punks & Poets as Stance likes to refer to them) wearing their socks and expressing themselves in a variety of settings:

And it’s immediately clear why all of these pro athletes top off their uniforms with Stance: they look awesome, and feel even better.

The first thing you need to know is Stance’s FEEL360 technology, a proprietary fiber blend that helps keeps your feet fresh, dry, and comfortable. Gone are the days where your socks are soaked through with sweat after walking 9 holes in the summer heat, ultimately leaving your golf shoes smelling like an overused gym towel.

Additionally, Stance designs its golf socks with performance in mind by including anatomical cushioning specific to your left and right feet. That’s right, with Stance, there’s a Right Sock and Left Sock (don’t worry, they’re labeled).

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As for appearance, there’s a Stance sock for every outfit you could put together because there’s not only different colors and patterns, but also different lengths.  

Perhaps it’s the middle of the summer and you’re wearing low cut, sneaker-styled golf shoes. Perfect, go with the Low Cut socks to help minimize your sock tan line.

Maybe you’re the kinda guy (like myself) who wears the Rickie Fowler Puma Hi-Tops. No worries, Stance has QTR (think quarter) length socks that help make sure the back of ankle does get covered in blisters.

And, finally, for the guy who plays in cooler weather (or likes to wear pants whenever you’re teeing it up… *cough*Mike*cough*), well Stance has Crew-length socks to help make sure you’re good to go.  

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And while Stance has plenty of awesome patterns and colors in every cut (as seen above), the Crew socks lend themselves to some very unique and special designs:

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So while we can all dream about playing as well as the Golden Bear, at least we can bring him along for some good luck.

With respect to my personal experience with Stance, I’m all-in. These are easily the most comfortable socks I’ve worn while playing golf.  

It might not sound like a big deal, but there’s no doubt that these socks fit better because they’re specifically designed for your left and right foot, with complimenting cushioning and arch support. Furthermore, since I’ve switched from boring all-white or black socks to Stance, I’ve gotten a lot of compliments (in addition to a few jealous stare downs) about my socks.

Fortunately, guys like Rickie and Bubba have helped open the door for golfers to express who they are with more colorful and eccentric clothing. And while there’s lots of different options to pick from if you’re looking for polos or shorts, Stance Socks is the best (and only) company you need to turn to when you’re looking for the perfect pair of socks to compliment your outfit and make sure you’re ready for a quality round of golf.

And for when you’re not on the course, Stance has plenty of “every day” socks to pick from in their Lifestyle line that will still help you express who you are:

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In sum, it’s time to ditch those boring socks that don’t offer you and performance or appearance benefits. Instead, grab a few pairs of Stance socks and slide your feet into something that finally feels better than it looks (which is saying a lot considering some of Stance’s incredible patterns and designs).

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