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NEW GAME: Michigan Business Combining Golf and Poker

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The popularity of golf in the U.S. is on the upswing in part thanks to new ventures like Topgolf. Now, a small business in Michigan is looking to create the next big thing.

In Livonia, Michigan, a new group called the Players Golf & Poker Room is looking to combine two popular past times. As the name suggests, the group is offering golf and poker games under one roof. One might not think that either of these two have anything in common with each other, outside of a lot betting of course, but the idea seems to be catching on with residents.

Manager Mark Kalaj believes he has found a niche for people that enjoy both activities. The set up allows for golf simulators and poker tables to be playing simultaneously, allowing customers to participate in either, or both. It is especially appealing to golfers because it is all indoors. “We’re trying to appeal to golfers during the months, when weather conditions in Michigan aren’t good for golfing,” Kalaj said.

Ernie Els of South Africa during the special ‘Poker Challenge’ prior…

Ernie Els of South Africa during the special ‘Poker Challenge’ prior to the 2015 Els For Autism Golf Challenge Finale at the Bali Hai Golf Club on November 14, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Get premium, high resolution news photos at Getty Images

The set up is pretty interesting, as one side of the complex contains two golf simulators that allow players to simply practice or play games against their friends in a Topgolf style. The simulators allow people to play on some of the most popular courses in the world as if they were actually there. The poker tables are set up on the opposite side of the building for those who want to take a load off from their golfing. Both a separated by a bar that serves drinks and food.

Perhaps the coolest part of the whole set up comes from the poker side, where participants play for money but don’t take home any of it. All of the money earned is actually donated to charitable causes. According to Kalaj, poker games have helped raise money for high school bands, veterans organizations and other service groups in the area. The only profits the group takes in are from bar sales and renting out the space.

This is certainly a unique idea that could spur some other golf combinations that we wouldn’t expect. And with Topgolf being so popular, I wouldn’t be surprised to see some other ideas catch on and become national hits.

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